Stainless Steel Spigots


We supply a range of high quality pool fence spigots (or mini posts as some like to refer to them) for every budget.

When deciding on a frameless pool fence many people are unsure what to look for in a spigot. Many of the cheaper spigots can look nice on the showroom floor but will soon tarnish, rust and possibly fail to hold the pool panel in place firmly.

Some spigots hold the glass by simply clamping or wedging the glass in, whilst premium spigots use a bolt system to secure the glass more securely. We can source and install both versions, but the friction spigots are suitable for the majority of customers.

Friction Spigots are generally more DIY friendly with alan key compression system allowing flexibility when aligning glass pool panels.

Spigots can be core drilled or in-ground depending on your requirements.

Our high quality spigots are made from 2205 marine grade stainless steel to give maximum resistance to corrosion.

Base Plate / Surface Mounted Spigots

This style of spigot is commonly used on top of timber structures such as decks and is also used on existing concrete slabs where core drilling is not an option. They are not recommended for concrete as drainage fall is harder to adjust compared to core drilled spigots.

Core Drilled / Core Hole Spigots

Core drilling is recommended when mounting a glass pool fence to a concrete surface. The core hole spigots have a shaft that sits inside the core hole. The spigot is set in place with a structural grout.

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