Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Fencing Products

All of our Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is made from 12mm toughened glass for your safety.

We supply 12mm clear toughened grade A safety glass in a large range of lengths to fit any measurement over 610mm. All glass edges are polished for aesthetic appeal and safety. We can also supply special sized custom panels at reasonable prices.

Panel length range of in 12mm glass:

From 600mm to 900mm in 50mm increments and from 900mm to 1600mm in 25mm increments we also have available special off the shelf panels for transition heights over retaining walls and garden beds.

Privacy Fencing – Semi Frameless Only

Our privacy fencing is an exciting new addition to our product range.

  • It allows light to filter through but it gives complete privacy in you pool area depending of course on where you position the fence.
  • It offers sanctuary from prying neighbors and hides anything unsightly in you back yard.
  • The product is acid etched 12mm toughened grade A safety glass.
  • You have a choice of posts in aluminum round or square glazing posts or polished 2205 marine grade stainless steel glazing posts.


Costs of semi-frameless glass pool fencing varies depending on each individual project. Factors that can affect price include:
  • Length of fence
  • Type and condition of surface the fence needs to be mounted to
  • Number of angles / corners in fence
  • Customer location
  • Other factors

If you would like an obligation-free price estimation we encourage you to submit an Online Quote Request or contact us direct on ph: 0412 215 640.

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