Choosing The Right Style

frameless v semi-frameless glass

When choosing a glass pool fence the main concerns are quality and style.  Choosing the right type of pool fence can make or break the appearance of your outdoor area. Below is some information to assist you with your decision.

pool fence qualityPool Fence Style – Frameless versus Semi-Frameless

The main consideration when choosing a glass pool fence is whether to choose a semi-frameless or frameless glass style. Frameless glass fencing has become more and more popular over recent times as the prices have come down. Frameless glass is the most desirable because it offers a more uninterrupted view of the pool area and beyond.

Frameless glass spigots are available in different styles with both round and square styles available.

Semi-Frameless glass is still extremely popular with customers. It is considered by some to be more sturdy and some people just prefer the semi-frameless style over the frameless look.

Pool Fence Quality

It is important that the quality and thickness of glass is at the correct standard to meet or exceed Australian standards. All of our products meet the pool fencing standards that apply to residents in South Australia and throughout the rest of Australia.

The quality of the components is something that is often overlooked by customers. Many of the cheap imitation spigots and posts are painted or polished up to look very nice and shiny on the showroom floor but they simply aren’t made to stand up to the Australian climate (or any other outdoor climate in the world!). Within months cheaper components can begin tarnishing, peeling, fading and just generally will start looking unappealing. At Absolute Glass Products SA we only use componentry that will last and perform as intended. We rely heavily on word of mouth referrals and take great pride in ensuring we have a reputation as a provider of quality pool fence products.

If you’re in a high wind area then it is possible to get premium compression spigots that hold the glass in place via a bolt through mechanism instead of the standard friction / clamp system. The friction spigots are suitable for most people and are sold mostly in stainless finish or black finish.

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