Return Policy & Warranty

Glass Pool Fencing SA Warranty and Return Policy

 Warranties and Guarantees

It is our responsibility to ensure the product we sell is fit for purpose and that the quality i s of an appropriate standard and is suitable for the recommended use.

We also ensure that the product is not faulty before delivery.

We will give a refund if the goods:

  • Are defective through no fault of buyer
  • Are not for the purpose we stated or the purpose the buyer made know to us
  • The product has defects that were not obvious or that we didn’t point out to the buyer
  • The product does not meet the relevant Australian standard under which we sold them to the buyer

Policy on Returns

We are under no obligation to accept returns if the buyer changes their mind or decides that they don’t like or need the good or finds the product cheaper elsewhere.

We will accept returns as required under the Trade Practices Act 1974 but if they are not defective, acceptance will at our discretion and an administration fee of $49.50 will be applied.


Under the Trade Practices Act 1974 we as a retailer to consumers, automatically give certain guarantees.

Businesses that make goods, put them together or have their name on them also give certain guarantees. Importers give these same guarantees if the maker does not have an office in Australia.

If a consumer has a problem with goods purchased from us, we are more than happy for you to approach us to obtain a remedy.

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